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Model: Mary Celeste [link]

Rules Regarding My Figure Stock ( with credit to DA Marcus Ranum [link] )

1) You are required to give me appropriate credit as photographer where and however possible. Thumbnails and linkage to the work is also considerate for me AND the model. Also, some models may request any work or manipulations to be vetted prior to posting. This is only professional courtesy. I will let you know if this is requested.

2) You are allowed to repost works based on my stock in other places but please maintain a credit AND linkage to me where appropriate and possible.

3) ABSOLUTELY do not simply upload them to a pay site; if you do that, you'll get a DMCA request from me and possibly I'll sue you for damages. These images are for photocompositors and artists. Also, the modelís reputation may be on the line and many of them have recourse to legal aid which they are not afraid to use. They are not to be used as content in and of themselves.

4) ABSOLUTELY NO COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT AND CONTRACT WITH ME AND THE MODEL. See Rule 3 above for consequences. NO KIDDING! Iíve put up with enough horror stories from models and colleagues.

5) RESPECT THE MODELS!! They are real human beings with real feelings. Please be considerate of how the models might see themselves and be thoughtful of their feelings. I consider comments like "she's too skinny" or "she's too fat" to be rude and you may be banned from using my stock if you make such remarks.

6) These images are mostly un-retouched- though they may be color-corrected - and are at high resolution. I often do spend alot of time to remove dust-spots, skin blemishes, digital artifacts. etc. Please clean that stuff up in post-work and make the models look good! Also: don't think I do not know how to produce a good photo; these are intended as raw stock.

7) I often forward copies of pictures to the models that aren't on DA but who have expressed an interest in seeing what you do with them. Some of the models may choose to use your images in their personal portfolios. If you have a problem with that, warn me.

If you have any questions; note me.
If you ask me a question that is already answered here, I will not answer.

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Submitted on
July 1, 2012
Image Size
3.3 MB
Mature Content


32 (who?)

Camera Data

Canon EOS 20D
Shutter Speed
1/10 second
Focal Length
28 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 9, 2010, 3:09:17 PM
Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 Macintosh
Sensor Size


Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.